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dir. work
  • In a world where marriage is on a fixed term, London Romero is the last romantic. When she finds the evidence of infidelity in her parent's car, she struggles with her faith in love and her "happily married" parents.
  • Skincare Brand / 30s
  • A short documentary about Brian Peterson, a painter in Santa Ana, California, who is changing lives while painting portraits of the homeless in his community.
  • A couple must question the limits of forgiveness and whether they can ever escape the past during a fateful road trip through the desert.
  • A fun look at being trapped, out of options, and having to swallow ones pride to get out. Narrowly escaping before the husband of his married lover arrives home, Peter finds himself locked in a parking garage. Calling everyone imaginable while avoiding a call to the one person he knows can help, he finally gives in and suffers the scorn for his actions and discovers the woe of his ways.
  • This is a fun little short that explores the challenges of finding love in the city.